Well. When we’re talking about hosting our own party or event, there are two major part that you need to point that out. Either you will hand it or hire a professional party planner, or handle it by yourself. There is no rule for that, but if you decided to go with DIY (Do-it-yourself) path, these following invitation card has astonishing design and theme, and probably you can use it as your party concept, which is Vintage Floral-themed party.



This Vintage Floral invitation card has everything you need, especially for DIY-lovers. Basically, you will get six different models, in which, it will be presented with their own “unique” Floral Wreath, such as Burgundy Roses to Greenery Eucalyptus. You also had a couple of background options to choose, either the White Canvas background or the White marble, if you think this one isn’t that enough, you can replace it with your own, as it’s editable with Ms. Word, and sure most of you already had installed this in your device (Laptop or Computer).

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I wish you are happy with today’s design, and last but not least, please read a couple of instructions in down below, so you can get the answer of how to download our template.








How do I keep these templates?

  • First of all, you have to click the download link (See above).
  • In seconds you will land on Google Drive Download menu, move your mouse pointer and click “download”, then tap enter to start.
  • While the download process is running, you can download Rar file opener, so once the download is finished you can unpack the file and install all provided fonts.
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What you need to do

Let’s make it short.

  • Make sure you’ve read and followed the “last-step” in our download instructions.
  • If you done with that, you can start the editing session with Ms. Word, it should be above the 2007 version, or you can’t access or open the file.
  • Print the template on any 5×7 printing paper. For the paper, it depends on your needs, whether you want to the top-notch result or pretty decent quality with massive quantity, and so forth.


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