Flowers and Leaves might not sound too exciting or convincing at first, but they actually make such a greater impact, as it provides versatile decorations to your party. Not just for certain event, but for all of them, from Wedding to Baby shower party. Style your party with beautiful Greenery, and match your party invitation card with our latest invitation card design below.

In today’s article will be talking about our recent designs, which is Watercolor Floral Wreath, what makes them so beautiful? It’s none other than how its entire card was designed or made. You will get them come in plenty of options and rooms for customization. You can easily edit or customize it, as it’s also had a good feature, our template designs are editable with Microsoft Word.


Each templates will be presented in portrait orientation, you got two options for the background designs, either the Canvas style or White Marble background. For the Flower/Floral Wreath, you will get it close at the center of the card, and put or write your and your future-husband’s Initial there.

In addition, on each corners, you also got matching Flower/Floral decorations. Anyway, if you can’t wait to keep this template, please read the instruction that we’ve provided in down below.








Well, what you need to do are,

  1. Download the template files
  • We’ve provided and placed the download link above.
  • Click the provided link and soon after that, you will be directed to Google drive page.
  • In that page, you’re going to see the template file, it was archived in Rar file, don’t worry about that, it’s 100% safe from virus and to open it, you need any Rar file opener. You can find it easily on Internet.
  • Anyway, click Download > Locate where you want the file is going to be saved > Enter or Save to start the download process.
  1. Insert your text and Print the template
  • Install all provided fonts first, it’s a must!
  • Open and edit the file with Microsoft Word.
  • Print the template on 5×7 Card-stock paper, 80-110lbs. Those are the universal standard that most conventional printer on the market are capable to handle. Actually, thicker is better, but if you want go further, I’d say, you need to hire Printing Shop services.


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