A couple days back, I’ve been visiting my hometown. This city, its streets and trees give shiver down my spine. Many memories were blooming inside my head, and there is one particular moment that give me an idea for today’s article and design. Yesterday, I walked down the street, where I used to live for 15 years, and I saw beautiful garden in front of someone’s house, and there are many beautiful flowers, such as Tulips, Peonies, and Roses.

Well, those flowers were giving me a couple of thoughts, and I decided to take it and draw my own version based on that gorgeous florals and hoping you will enjoy it. You can have these following; Floral Bouquet, as your Wedding, Bridal, Baby Shower, or even for Housewarming invitation card.



You won’t regret after downloading all of these, because you can also keep it as future references, there are six of them, and maybe you can use the other ones for future events or so forth. You will get six beautiful Flowers that is definitely perfect for Fall/Autumn seasonal party. All flowers were painted in soft color finished, and it has Watercolor style, which everyone will adore it.

There is also a sample text or wording, I’ve wrote it in minimalist concept. With a classic Serif fonts or typefaces, and, as it’s editable with Microsoft Word, you can easily replace it with your own.








Download Information

  • Note: All files/materials have been stored in Google Drive, 100% safe from virus and archived into Rar file.
  • The download button is placed above this instructions. You will be directed to Google Drive page, once you clicked that. Then Click Download > Save.

What you need to do

  • I made it short, so you won’t get bored reading the whole instructions.
  • Unpack the file, and don’t forget to install all provided fonts.
  • Edit and insert your text with Microsoft Word 2007 or above.
  • Print the template on 5×7 Printing Paper (My suggestion is Card-stock paper).


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