Hello, everyone. Today is a good day to start creating your invitation card with DIY packs that we provide it for free. What do we have here? Today we are going to talk about Sunflower themed wedding invitation cards, which been in everyone’s talk lately.

This gorgeous wedding invitation includes hand-drawn sunflowers, painted in both Bright and Soft color. These flowers will be decorating your wedding announcement, written in an elegant blend of vintage & elegant fonts. On its back (Background), you will the base painted in Pale Tan color, which is one of the most picked “Neutral” color, since it’s perfect to be used as base layer, not too bright nor too dark.



A bunch of sunflowers will be surrounding your wording or party information, where the party information itself, will be displayed beautiful on top of White Stripes. This vibrant design uses modern hues of cream, tan, pale yellow and basil green. Since our template is editable with Microsoft Word, you can replace the sample text directly with no-drama! Anyway, if you want to keep this soon, please read our beginner’s guide down below.

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Here’s everything you need to make it works.

  1. Download the file
    • Click the download link that was placed above this guide, by clicking this link, you will get access to our Google drive storage.
    • *FYI, all files and materials have been put together into a single Rar file, for easier to download and safe from virus.
    • Okay, now you should have already been on Google drive menu, right??
    • To download: Download > Locate the destination > Save or Enter.
  2. To-do’s lists
    • Open the file and install all fonts inside the Fonts folder, it wont take so much times to do it. So, make sure you have done it properly.
    • Open the file or template with Microsoft Word and insert you party information based on the previewed sample.
    • Print the template you’d like to use on any 5×7 printing paper.
    • Cardstock is definitely the best one on the market, it comes in plenty of options.
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