This magical baby shower invitation starts with inspiration centered on rainbow & gorgeous mythical creature; Unicorn. The design will have shimmering glitter, unicorns and more to come. Celebrate a baby on the way with a party that is as perfect as a fairy tale and as pretty as a daydream. Rainbow cakes, opalescent desserts, and sparkly accents will give your shower all of the enchanting feels it needs.

With some help from my husband, we’ve pulled together our favorite unicorn party invitation card, perfect for showering a mom-to-be or celebrating your baby’s first milestone. See below.


None of us were expecting to see the result like this, it’s so great and beautiful. Besides of everything in here is free, we won’t compromise with the details and its designs. This cards will have gorgeous, magical Unicorn, covered with Gold Glitter texture, and also topped with gorgeous “Tiara”. The tiara itself was made from Watercolor Flowers, painted and came in six different models.

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For the wording, I’ve written the sample text for you, it’s very useful to give you a little bit of information on what’s the correct orders and so forth. Since it’s editable with Microsoft Word, you can do bunch of things to our template. Let’s say you want to change or replace the original font-styles with your own, sure, you can do that easily. If you can’t wait and want to do it right now, please read the download instruction down below and get ready to make your baby shower fantasies a reality — these unicorn-themed ideas are more than magical.

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How to Download

  1. I put the download link above this guide, it should be highlighted in blue.
  2. That link is the key to get access to our Google Drive storage.
  3. When you landed on G-drive download menu, click “download”, and Locate the destination folder.
  4. Tap “enter” to start the download process.

If the download process is finished, check the file by unpacking it with Rar file opener, such as WinRar or 7Zip. To open/edit the file, you are going to need Microsoft Word 2007 or the above version.


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