Flowers, is the common element that you could see that easily in various Wedding events. The uses of flower or floral isn’t limited to certain field or aspect, but you can elaborate this gorgeous things into whole new concept, such as Invitation card design. Here, in our site, we’ve gathered information of the top 10 most popular wedding-day invitation card, and we made it for you for free.

This article, Floral and Gold? How good could it be? Especially when this Boho Floral card has exotic flowers and gold element in it. We want to give a better experience in using DIY template designs, so, as always, we’re giving you six different designs. You have a lots of option to choose, and it’s interchangeable.

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Each cards basically have Boho Floral underneath the Gold Hexagon box, the box itself also comes in two options, either the plain white or with Canvas texture. For the wording, I wrote it using Tex-Gyre-termes font-styles, it looks sleek and slightly have Vintage looking design. Since it’s editable with Ms. Word, you can replace it with your own, you can download free downloadable font on Internet, install it and use it to the template you’d like to use. It’s all up to you and yup, our templates are free!








Download Information

  • All templates and materials were stored in our Google drive, and to gain access of it, you need to click the download link that we’ve provided and placed it above.
  • That link and file are 100% safe from virus, so no-need to worry about that.
  • To download the file, as you can see, there is another, Download button and Drop-down arrow, click one of them to download our templates.
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Editing & Printing

  • Before you jump into the editing session, you need to install all fonts after you unpack the file with Rar file opener.
  • Insert your text or party information with Microsoft Word 2007 or above.
  • Print the template file on 5×7 printing paper.
  • What’s the best one? For me, I’d say card-stock is the best paper you can get, it has luxury finished material that others won’t have.


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