A roller skating party is very interesting for children. Let them get together with their friends and spend the day on the wheel. This party is very easy for parents who choose this theme, of course because they are allowed to jump out of the provision of the party. If you are a creative family, make roller skating birthday party invitation homemade. It will be very fun and also can save you money. Whether the party will be on the sidewalk or in the arena, homemade invitations will give a personal touch. Here are tips for making the perfect invitation roller skating.

Blue And Black Roller Skating Birthday Party Invitation Templates

First, cut a template skates. Lay on card stock and track forms using pencils premises. Then cut the skates of card stock, copy and cut two pictures skates for the invitation.

Free Roller 10th Birthday Party Invitations

Roller Skating Guitar Birthday Party Invitation Design

Use card stock pictures skates. Decorate skates first by using crayons, stickers, glitter or greeting. Then move the list of information the second party on roller skates. Stack skate skate decorated and adorned above information. On the other hand decorated facing out and the information to be inside. Skate the edge of the hole punch on the back foot. Slide brass fasteners through the initial hole in the front of the card.


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Roller Skating Die cut Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Then flip the top card and deploy fasteners to hold the cards together. Finally, open the card to ascertain whether the invitation to resemble the decorative section facing the reader.


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