Hello Kitty is a cute cartoon characters, cat girls who have beautiful arc, nice clothes and have many friends. A Hello Kitty invitation cards are often used for parties young girl. You can create your own free invitations using a word processor such as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect or OpenOffice Writer. You just simply insert Figure Hello Kitty into your invitation design.

Personalized Hello Kitty Birthday Party Invitation Custom Photo

Begin to open a new document. First you have to set all the margins that you will use on the invitation. Hello Kitty to create a personal invitation, you can design invitations with a personal touch. Find and double-click the Hello Kitty image you want to use. Do not forget to set the scale to fill the page. You can use the menu “Scale” to find the right scale. Next, check the “Washout” to make Hello Kitty and click semi-transparent.


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Custom Photo Hello Kitty Birthday Party Invitation Design

To write the words on the invitation Hello Kitty, you can write in accordance with the creativity of yourself or find online. Here are examples of words to write an invitation.

You’re Invited to Hello Kitty Slumber

Jessy 2nd Birthday Party

Bring yourself and everything Hello Kitty

When: (Date and Time)

Place: (Location Name and Address)

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Invitation Ideas For Girls


Free Printable Hello Kitty Birthday Party Invitations

Adjust the font, text size, font color and font style of the group to beautify the invitation. Put a blank card in the printer and try printing one to see if there is an error. If the invitation is perfect, you can begin to print all your invitations as needed.


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