Yeah, you sweet little angel will soon be approaching about one year. Their first birthday is just around the corner. But, whatever you would do and for the kind invitation theme you are doing. Not to worry, here are tips to help you with today.

Custom Photo Card Baby Boy First Birthday Invitations
There are many hundreds of invitations first birthday and many different themes to choose from. A big news is when I will tell you for the first birthday party idea that will work for boys. So, we can start with two very popular theme for baby’s first birthday.

Balloon And Gift Baby Boy First Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

Little Princess Baby Boy First Birthday Invitation Ideas
Let’s Go To The Zoo! Who does not like into account the needs of animals. Pandas, gorillas, elephants, lions, giraffes, tigers and even a bear, they are amazing. All those lovely furry animals, exotic birds and just not every day you can see in the park. Give a precious memories for your little baby you can do, why do not you try to use a popular zoo theme for the party. In fact, when you send an invitation for the first birthday party of the audience. All your guests will love it and of course you are also a small baby.

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Cupcake Baby Boy First Birthday Invitation Custom Photo
ABC’s and 1-2-3’s. It’s a birthday party idea that is also very popular that many parents intelligent use today. A good reason if you go with the usual broad idea of this, you will get a small baby you used to learn by touching and seeing.
2 of the most popular that you can use for the first birthday invitation for your baby boy. Nothing gives such joy to see them laughing and laughing all their birthdays.


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