Although there are many options for purchasing one of a wide variety of birthday party invitations for children, making your own invitations with your son attaching photos to plain paper. It would be an effective alternative. Two year old may not understand the concept could be a birthday, but they can explain about them that you can write on the invitation card to explain who the recipient. Another advantage if you make a personal invitation made is to have plenty of space to write the word invitation to your own specifications.

2 Year Old Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

Write out your invitations purposes, for example, you would say “James is a change 2” or “Help us celebrate the second anniversary of Bernard.” Then proceed to write down all the details of the party who stated day of the week and date.

2 Year Old Dinosaur Birthday Invitations

Next, set the time you can do by writing start time and end time. Several hours will be plenty of time for 2 years. Give a clear explanation to the invitation to drinks will be served. Many toddlers are still napping, early morning is a good time for a birthday party. For example, the invitation could read, “Please come at 09.00, birthday cake will be served at 09.30.”

2 Year Old Monkey Birthday Invitation Custom Photo

Stating the address where the location of the party will be held. Typically, children will be comfortable at home on their own and balloons, cake and gifts excitement will create an atmosphere. You can declare “grandfather Scott hosting a party at their home, 1334 Elm St.”

Baby owl 2 Year Old Birthday Invitations Templates

Free Printable 2 Year Old Birthday Invitation For Girls

You can consider to use any empty side on the cards for the short list. Including items such as a child’s first steps, special events, first words, and favorite toys.


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