If you have plenty of time, knowledge and patience, you can create and print your own invitations. First, you should plan the design and put it on your computer. If you are going to cut and paste designs elsewhere, it will not be original and not to mention the legal consequences. Of course, you should do the same thing to the back of the invitation.

DIY Cupcake Birthday Invitation Ideas

Of course you’ll need a four-color printer ink cartridges luxurious and expensive, because not all card stock feed smoothly on all printers. Sure and you’ve noticed this! All the printing process is slow and painful depending on the quantity of ink and your printer. Maybe you should buy some supplies are really needed.

DIY Ladybug Birthday Invitation Templates

If you get a good paper for printing, you also need to print each sheet so that it can be folded perfectly in the middle. Even if you plan only a flat panel, you must accurately cut each one out, so you would use a paper cutter to it. And do not forget the envelope! You also have to buy an envelope with the right size to match.

Do It Yourself Gymnastics Birthday Invitation Templates

Do It Yourself Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitation Design

There are many details and regulations you should not ignore. Of course you do not want to send an invitation to what and where but forgot when. You better work from templates that will help you to go through all the necessary specific on the invitation.

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