It’s alwasy fun to have newborn baby around. Their laughter, gigles, cute faces and funny acts are cure to all the low spirits. Just by watching them play and happy with themselves could also bring happiness to the family.  Therefore, as one of the most precious moment in the baby’s early life, his/her first birthday is undoubtly special.

While it’s not necessarily the will of the baby to have his/her first birthday party celebrated, it’s fun to prepare one. Not only it would be joyful to see kids and baby in the neighborhood come and play around in the house, it’s also a good way to introduce your newborn to people around. Inviting relatives can also be a good way to share the happiness having your newborn and announce them as part of the family.

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So, if you are going to celebrate a first birthday party here is an inspiration for your theme. First of all, it’s a kid party, so we need to stick on what kid loves. Cartoon is definately one of them, and fortunately we have many kinds of cartoons to pick. One of them are Disney’s. Disney has numeraous character that children loves and familiar with. One of the oldest and most favorable character is Mickey Mouse. It’s not hard to find party theme with Micky Mouse decorations, snacks, and what we provide here, an invitation.

Colorful Polkadot Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitation with Picture Big Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Invitation No Picture Black and White Photograph mickey-mouse-birthday-invitations-cool-mickey-mouse-birthday

Those are several examples of Mickey Mouse birthday invitation theme. You can easily choose the style that suit your liking, placed the necessary information like samples above and you’re ready for the first ever birthday party of your child. Have fun!

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