Every kid loves to play with their friends and have fun together. You can say that it’s not only the girls who want to have a party celebrated with all the fancies. Boys also deserve a party that fun, cool, and most importantly…not girlish.

You should note the first ever keyword that it is a party for BOYS. Therefore, it’s important to not pile up too much decorations and sparkly things on the party, the cake, the costume, and also the invitation.

Boys love to spend time outside. They usually enjoy activity that allows them to explore and play to the limit of exhaustion.

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If you have a son like that, you may want to pick a theme that resemble activities that played outside, such as sports like footbal, baseball, basketball, etc.

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However, if your son loves to read comics about superhero and enjoys playing  role as superman or batman you would rather choose a superhero theme.

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If your son love cartoon, it will be easier to do, just choose the theme which is your son’s favorite cartoon, like spongebob, ben10, or any other cartoons.

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Last, if your son is more as an introvert and spend much of his time playing video games, you can still use game’s character to present as the theme of the party. You could even dress your son according to the theme and have a dresscode for the party so that all of the kid in the party dressed in accordance.

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At the end, it’s all on you to choose the theme and how you would make the birthday invitation. The most important thing is that the invitation delivered to the recipient and it let them know that you’re going to have a party soon.



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