Mickey Mouse never grown old, just like Disney is never too childish for anyone. As the mascot of Disney, Mickey always has always been popular among kids. It’s  not only for kids these days but also in the past era. You never be too late or too classic to celebrate a birthday with Mickey Mouse!

Mickey 2nd Birthday Invitation Wording For Kids

Basically you can prepare and costumize everything to suit the Mickey theme, but let’s us focus on the simplest patch of the party, the invitation card.

What we gonna do is being creative with anything around us. We do know that we need Mickey’s face or at least his head in the card to characterized his theme. Then, we need some decorations to make the card looks fancy. You can print patterns like polkadot or rainbow online, cut it and place t on a prepared half folded paper you gonna use as the birthday card. You can place the pattern by glue, let it dry and start to decorate the surface above it. Whatever you gonna write, draw, or place over the background pattern will totally looks awesome because the background is already fascinating.

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Printable Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 1st Birthday Invitation Custom Photo

Remember, don’t stuffed too much thing on the invitation. Always save some space for you to place your information about the party such as: names, address, date and time, and RSVP. Make sure you also put your kid’s photograph with his/her biggest smile on the face. By using photograph, the recipient could easily recognize who’s birthday it is. It will also adds cuteness and sense of happiness to see your kid’s happy face in the invitation.

Personalized Mickey Mouse First Birthday Invitation Custom Photo

On each of kid’s birthday party, there’s nothing more fun and cheerful than has their party themed. As parents, you could bring a certain theme for the party and use the theme for the whole decoration and accessories. From wall decorations, balloon, ribbons, pinata, cakes, meals, and even the dresscode in the party. You can costumize everything to suit the theme.

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DIY Mickey Mouse First Birthday Invitation With Photo Design

So there you go. You can try to make a birthday card because the material and decoration is actually not so hard to seek. Otherwise, you can always use internet and web to obtain certain picture you wanted. Place necessary information and your kid’s picture next to Mickey’s ear. This will totally looks cute! I bet you gonna have fun trying this out, good luck!



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