If you have read our previous article about Mickey Mouse, you may have predicted this. Mickey has always a special girl by his side and if we had suggested Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitation before, there’s no way we’re not presenting you the Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitation to complete the duo.

Minnie is a cute, sassy, girly character. So, we’re not recommending you to use this theme for you son’s next birthday. But of course, Minni Mouse is definately a fun theme for girl’s birthday. It will radiate a happy, cheerful young girl birthday everywhere!

simple full body Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitations & Party Ideas Decor.

Well, to begin with, remeber that everything is always as simple and easy as you can imagine about making a birthday invitation. The technique is quite the same anyway. If you have less time to prepare you can always search it online and download it anywhere. However, if you intended to take extra work for authenticity you may want to try to make if by yourself.

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party invitations pink polkadots

If you plan it DIY you can take Minnie Mouse picture from web or anything. Prepare your girl’s photo and few decorations, like ribbons, polka dot, any crayon or colour pencil, and you’re ready to go!

Minnie mouse ribbons

You have to notice that whether Mickey or Minnie they’re all Mouse. So, if you’re making invitation based on their theme you definately should got that Mouse ear thing placed in your invitation very clearly. A black and pink color is also of Mickey-Minnie’s trademark fashion, so those thing will do.

zebra pattern Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Invitation Minnie's full head

At last, we hope you can create a Minnie Mouse Invitation that suit your style and theme. Many kids in the neighborhood would come to your girl’s birthday to celebrate the party to the fullest and have fun all the way!

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Disney Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Invitations more words

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