A birthday party is a special event for family members. Parents usually prepare everything to make a perfect birthday party for their children. They will consider about the concept of the party, where it will be held, the cake, decoration, food and beverage, and also the goodie bags for the guests. When the party is all set up, don’t forget to make birthday invitation.

Drevio.com has some designs of free printable Cake invitation templates. The designs are nice and charming. We give them to you for free and easily printable. You don’t need to pay anything, just download the templates and they are yours. Notice that it’s for personal purpose, not for commercial purpose.

So, how do you get the templates? Do these simple steps! Click download image above the templates you select and save them into your PC.













Start a worksheet of Photoshop Editor and import the images in it. Each template is 5”x7”, and you can change the layouts, in portrait or landscape layouts. Write the wordings and also the detailed information about the party. When the design is ready, you can directly print it out. We recommend you cardstock paper that you can buy online at Amazon.com.

Wordings and Detailed Information About the Party

Some people find difficulties in writing the wordings. Actually, it’s not too difficult if you’ve already had the concept of the party. For example, if you’ll set the birthday party in Carnival theme, so you can write the wordings as “Come and enjoy the Carnival party! Wear your carnival costumes!” or “The best clown is here! Let’s enjoy a Carnival party!”

Continue the wordings by giving the detailed information about the party, such as the day, date, time, where the party will be held, and also RSVP to ease the guests confirming their attendances.


Well, you can visit our website anytime because we have new free printable birthday invitation templates every day. See you!


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