Transformer is a name of animated series in United States. The stories are about Autobots fight the evil Decepticons. Boys might be familiar with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Starscream, Motormaster, and many more. The robots can shape themselves to cars, truck, and so on. Because of their heroic actions, children idolize them very much.

If your son is one of the children who likes Transformer characters, you can organize a birthday party for him in Transformer theme. It can be a surprise party that will be an unforgettable birthday party for him.

We offer you special templates of free printable Transformer Invitation. The designs are simple anyway, with the domination of yellow and black and also the robot characters. We’ll give you a benefit from downloading the templates, because they are free of charge, free editable, and free printable. Just prove it!

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For getting the templates, you only do these simple steps! Click download image on the templates you like, then save them in your folder.














Edit them one by one in worksheets of Photoshop Editor. To ease your work, save the templates in different files. Then, you can edit the layout, whether portrait or landscape layouts. Next, write the wordings and the detail information of the party in the spaces provided. When the designs are fixed, prepare a printer and papers. Use cardstock paper for the best printing quality. You can get this kind of paper at the nearest stationary stores around you, or buy it at

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Wordings and Information of the Party

Wordings are important to attract the recipients’ attention. We give you examples: “Celebrate my birthday in Transformer theme!” or “Autobots save my birthday party!” You can write your own wordings anyway. Then, write the detailed information about the party, such as the day, date, time, location, and RSVP.


Well, you can download many templates of free printable invitation in our website. Please come again and again!


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