Have you ever thought about why we celebrate birthdays? Actually, a birthday is a day that comes once a year, and it should be celebrated for several reasons. It is a time when a person acknowledges the anniversary of his or her birth, but in most cultures it is celebrated in some of the same ways, with a party for instance.

If you’re arranging a birthday party for your daughter, we suggest you Elmo-themed party. Elmo is a red Muppet monster with an orange nose who lives on Sesame Street. He is funny and energetic. Here, we designed free printable Elmo birthday invitation templates. The templates are very cute with pink polka dot as the background, colorful balloons, the funny Elmo, white blank space, and also an area to put your daughter’s photograph.

We also offer you a benefit by downloading the templates. As we told you, they are free. You’re free from paying, free for editing, and free for printing. So, you can save your money. Well, how are the steps to get the free printable Elmo birthday invitation templates? Take a look of these.

Click download image above the templates and save them into your PC.















Start a worksheet of Photoshop Editor and import the images you want to edit. As the information, the size of a template is 5”x7”. You can make the invitation in portrait or landscape layouts. Then, write the wordings and information at the blank space in the invitation template. Make attractive wordings to attract the recipients of the invitation, for example: “Celebrate my 7th birthday in Elmo party!” Don’t forget to inform when and where the party will be held.

The next step is to print out the designed that you’ve just made. Check the inkjet before printing. We also recommend you cardstock paper for the best printing quality. You can find it at stationary stores or you can buy it by online shopping at Amazon.com. The final action is to put the photograph on the invitation.


It’s very easy, isn’t it? So, feel free to download free printable Elmo birthday invitation templates. Have fun!


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