Boys like army, airplane, car, or truck toys. Usually, they collect the toys that they love. So, when you’re going to arrange a birthday party for them, the idea can be what they like the most.

Here, provides some templates of big trucks. They are free printable templates. Actually, the designs are simple with the big trucks and big frames where you can write your party information. There are six different templates and you can download them without paying anything. You can print them easily. How? Do these simple steps and you’ll know that it’s very easy to do.

Free Printable Templates

Click download image and save the templates in your PC.


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Open a worksheet in Photoshop Editor and import the images in it. Then, edit the template if you need to re-size them. The size is 5”x7”. You can edit the layout in portrait or landscape. You can write the wordings and detail information in two ways, namely editing in the worksheet or using hand-writing. If you choose the first way, write the information, then print the template out. But if you choose the second way, you have to print the template first, cut the invitation neatly, then write the information with a pen. For the best printing, I suggest you to check the ink before printing and use cardstock paper. You can buy the paper by online shopping at

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Wordings and Party Information

Do you see a big white space in the template? It’s an area to write the wordings and the detailed information, such as the day, date, time, the address, and also RSVP. If you don’t understand about writing the wordings, here are the examples: “Broom…broom…Monster trucks are here! Let’s get the party!” or “I’m turning 8. Come and celebrate my birthday.” You can write your own wordings to attract the invitation receivers.


Well, we hope you’ll have an amazing party. Don’t hesitate to visit us again and find your favorite templates here.


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