A birthday celebration has a connotation as a party. When you plan a birthday party, you should consider these things:   1) where do you want to organize the blast, 2) what kind of furniture do you need, 3) how many visitors will come to the party, 4) how do you write invitations, 5) what kind of tart cake, snacks, beverages do you need, 6) what kind of souvenir do you want to give to the guests, and 7) what kind of activities do the guests do during the party. Don’t be stressed, relax! You’ll arrange them well.

We have new templates for your birthday party. They are unique, because the templates show your hobby watching movies at cinemas. The templates are free printable Movie invitation. We designed them with the word “MOVIE”, popcorn, film roll with dark background. You’ll find white space under the dark space, it’s the area for you to write your wordings.

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We told you that the templates are free printable. You can get benefits from downloading the templates, because you’ll save your money. You don’t need to pay anything, free for editing, and free for printing many times you want. For getting them, do these simple steps:

  1. Click download image. The file is automatically save into your PC.














2. Edit the template in a worksheet of Photoshop Editor. Maybe you need to re-size the measurement. The normal size is 5”x7”.

3.  Write the wordings in the white space.

4. Print the template with good quality of ink and paper.

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Write attractive wordings that have correlation with the birthday party concept. If you’ll arrange the party in Movie theme, you might write “I’m turning 10. Take the popcorn and enjoy the party, guys!”


Visit us every day to find new ideas of birthday invitation themes. Feel free to download free printable Movie invitation templates.


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