A birthday comes once a year. It will be a happy time to have a nice families and friends gathering. If you’re planning a birthday party, you might be stressed out about planning it. Relax, it’s not that difficult.

For example, if you plan a birthday party in Batman theme, you should do these steps:  1) determine where the party will be held; 2) make a guest list; 3) make and write birthday invitation; 4) consider about the cake, snacks, and souvenirs for the visitors; 5) consider about the decorations for the room and the tables and chairs; and 6) activities. You can plan games or hire a birthday clown.

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To support your birthday party planning, Drevio.com offers you free printable Batman invitation templates. It looks macho with black background, the symbol of batman, the image of batman, and also a white space. The space is for writing the invitation wordings. It’s very easy to get the templates. Do these steps!

Download the template, it’s automatically saved in your PC.














Then open a worksheet in Photoshop Editor and import the image. Edit the template. Write the wordings into the blank space with attractive wordings. Don’t forget to mention when and where the party will be arranged. Finally, prepare a printer and also papers. Print the template as many as you want. It’s very simple, isn’t it?

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If you’re confused to write the wordings, we give you an example:


It’s fun to host my birthday party on your expenses,

For all my starving friend

Please come at home to celebrate


You can write your own wordings, too. The important part of the invitation is the information. Mention the day, date, time, location, and the contact number to confirm visitors’ attendance.

Feel free to download the free printable Batman invitation templates and get the benefits!



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