Rubber Ducky 1st Birthday Invitations


Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join us at Lily 1st birthday party. Lily is turning one in the next 15 days.

I would like to invite you to come to her birthday party to become the pat of our life.

baby rubber ducky 1st birthday invitations

Lily loved duck, she loves all duck things, such as: Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Woody Woodpecker, Pio Pio and so much more.

His favorite duck character is Rubber Ducky. It always using for kids toys in the bathroom which is in the yellow made in vinyl plastic. This is famous as using in the bathroom for the kids playing.

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cute rubber ducky 1st birthday invitations

That looks so cute which make everyone, especially kids love it. The birthday party theme is Rubber Ducky. The dress code is yellow.

The birthday party will have piñata in the entry way.

yellow rubber ducky 1st birthday invitations

The party also will have some handcrafted which made in the themed. It also will have yellow balloons on the ceiling and at the stage in each corner of the stage.

Everyone will get souvenir in the cute rubber ducks for a keepsake.

photo rubber ducky 1st birthday invitations

The party will be so much fun with some cupcakes which made in the yellow cute themed and also it has ducky decorations on the top of the birthday cakes.

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adorable rubber ducky 1st birthday invitations

The party will have fun games for kids which is scavenger hunt, kids should find any ducky which is has number on the bottom of it, it will be like playing guessing numbers, kids should guess which the box is have the duck, and every box have different prizes. The kids who can guess the right box will get the doorprize as the number of the duck that they hold.

The party is in: Wednesday, 24 June 2015, in 15:30-18:00, at 4309 Jim Rosa Lane, San Frasisco, CA 94107.


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