2 Years Old Birthday Invitations Saying


Hi Everyone, Please come and join us at our daughter, Clarisse 2 years old birthday party.

It seems so fast that she is growing up in 2 years old, seems like yesterday when she was born, the time flies so fast.

elmo 2 years old birthday invitations saying

We are so happy to see her growing up. She is an adorable little girl, we are so thankful to have her in our lives, she is definitely a huge blessings that God give it to us.

purple 2 years old birthday invitations saying

I was afraid for being a mom at first, but in the end I am so thankful that I having her in my life.

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cars 2 years old birthday invitations saying

Finally we are now having our little family, we were waiting on this time to come and we are so blessed that she born normal.

She is very good girl, she likes to watch TV, especially Dora the Explorer cartoon TV.

mickey mouse 2 years old birthday invitations saying

The birthday party theme is Dora the Explorer birthday party. The dress code is pink.

The party will be set as in Dora themed, it will have a Dora poster on the wall and big wallpaper in it.

hats 2 years old birthday invitations saying

The party will have some Dora music themes and some Spanish songs. That will have a fun games which is kids are sing and dance while the music play, but when the music stop they should imitate the person in the front special movement, the person who get late to imitate will be the victims. It also will have games “Pin the Tail”, everyone can join the game.

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Everyone will get some souvenir in Dora themed, so let’s join the party!

The party is in: Thursday, 4 December 2014, in 15:00-18:00, at 2343 Joyce Street, Mobile, AL 36693.


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