1st Birthday Party Invitations Boy


Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join us at Jesse 1st birthday party. Daniel will be turning 1 in the next 30 days.

Jesse likes to watch movies. He likes to movies, such as: Captain Tsubasa, Naruto, Power Rangers, Star Wars, Transformers, Mortal Combat the series and so much more

tie 1st birthday party invitation boys

He likes to collect all the movie toys, such as: all Naruto character toys, Power Rangers shirt, Star wars lightsaber, cowboy hats, pirates and so much more.

He likes to play the roles. Sometimes he takes some stuff and put a character in it, just like when he wants to be a pirate, he will close one of his eyed and bring some stick as the sword.

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cute 1st birthday party invitations boy

The birthday party is for boys. Boys can have fun playing all the boys stuff games.

The party will be decorated in all boys movies as the wallpaper and also it will have some poster in the wall.

mustache 1st birthday party invitations boy

The party will also have a tablecloth, napkins, plastic plates, plastic cups, appetizer plates, main course plates and dessert plates.

The party also will have some fun games which make the boys having fun in the party.

sail boat 1st birthday invitations boys

The birthday party also will have some piñata of Power Ranger and a photo booth in the corner.

Everyone is free to take pictures in the photo booth, you can picked your favorite character as the wallpaper in it.

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balloons 1st birthday party invitations boy

You also can use some accessories or costume for the photos. For example, you want to be a Darth Vader from Star Wars, so you can use Darth Vader robe with the mask.

The birthday party is in: Saturday, 26 July 2014, in 10:00-12:00, at 3256 Clarksburg Park Road, Phoenix, AZ, 85008.