Printable  Birthday Invitations for Adults


Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join us at Beth 23 years old birthday party. Beth will be turning 23 next month.

Beth birthday is the same as the summer season. She likes to have fun at the beach, pool, mall, park and everywhere which can having summer fun.

barbeque printable birthday invitations for adults

The birthday party theme is summer birthday party for adults. The party dress code is T-shirt and short pants or casual outfit.

The party will have a backyard barbeque. Everyone will be having fun with the yard activities, like playing soccer, football or Frisbee, croquet or badminton or horsehoes. The yard is big enough so everyone can play to the party.

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polka dots printable birthday invitations for adults

The party will serve any barbeque food, such as: chicken, hamburgers, grilled fish, nachos, fajitas, roast veggies, chips and dip. The drink that serve, such as: soda, cold beer for over 18 years ago and some juice and iced tea for under 18 years old and over 18 years old

red printable birthday invitations for adults

That will have some pastry, such as: birthday cupcakes, birthday cake and ice cream in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavor.

The party also will have fun games which is playing truth or dare, everyone can join the game or playing thief, police and citizen in the card.

beer printable birthday invitations for adults

The party will get more fun by some music playing. She likes listening the modern songs.

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The party will get some new music playing and she would like to have a dancing party time.

sandals printable birthday invitations for adults

Everyone can join to the dance floor and if you can doing any dance styles so let’s perform it!

The party is in: Saturday, 21 March 2015, at 18:00-21:00, in 1869 Lucky Duck Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15212.


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