60th Birthday Party Invitations Ideas


Hi Everyone, Please come and join us at Mrs Wanda 60th birthday party. Mrs Wanda will be turning 60 in the 2 weeks later.

Every month, she is always having a gathering party in her house. She is a good cook, she can cook any kind of food. All her cook is very delicious.

heels 60th birthday party invitations ideas

She also likes to make a handcraft which give to her grandson, grandchildren and some kids in the orphanage.

She is also making a cook course and sewing course for the teens. She likes kids, when the kids come to her house, she always making a delicious food for them.

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vegas 60th birthday party invitations ideas

The birthday party theme is a precious moment party. The dress code is free.

The party will be throwback to the precious moment. That will have a fun games related to the past time.

wine 60th birthday party invitations ideas

That will be have a sharing memories in the past and writing down the character looks alike, such as: “she is 34 years old, she has 2 kids and she is a good dancer”. Then gathered it all in the jar and when they got called their names, that person take one paper in it and read it to the front and everyone should guessing which is the person.

elegant 60th birthday party invitations ideas

The person who can guess correctly will headed to the next round until only 2 people remains.

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The party also will serve home cook which made by Mrs Wanda. You can enjoy all the dishes and the drink.

glamour 60th birthday party invitations ideas

The party also will be fun with showing the pictures in the past and the people who are in the pictures should tell what was happening in the pictures that day.

The party is in: Friday, 29 May 2014, in 18:00-20:00, in 2402 Seneca Drive, Tigard, OR 97223.



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