If you’re planning wedding, or bridal shower or sort of on this Fall or upcoming Winter, this classy Rose Gold Geometric invitation card could be perfect for you, as it has everything you need for “well-designed” invitation card. No-cash needed, no-advanced skills required and no-need to pay someone to print it, because you can do it at home, and maybe with a little helps from your friends or your future-husband, I’m sure your able to nail in just a couple of minutes to finish it.

I don’t know why this one looks so good, for me. The dark colored background might be involved in major part to my personal opinion, because it does make the Rose Gold Geometric Frame/Pattern and entire design looks so perfectly neat and stunning. These beauties come in plenty of options for you to choose, you won’t be disappointed with these one.


In addition, on each corner you also got beautiful decorations, such as Floral and Greenery Eucalyptus paintings/graphics, those will be in Watercolor finished to match with the design. There is one last thing that makes you feel bad to skip these ones, because it’s editable with Microsoft Word, and are you sure you want to skip these? Ha-ha. Anyway, we’re hoping this rose gold wedding color for industrial wedding will inspire you.








How to get this one?

  • First, click the download button (Above) and wait for a second, and your browser should have directed you to Google Drive page.
  • In that page, you will see the template, it’s Rar file, for one-click download and 100% safe from virus injection.
  • To download, move your mouse pointer to Top Right until you see Drop-down arrow, click that and tap Enter to start it.

Here are a few things you need to prepare or get.

  • Before you want to print the file, of course you need some printing paper for that.
  • Get some supplies at local store or stationery shop, and buy a bundles of Card-stock papers.
  • And don’t forget to check your printer condition, like how much Ink left, etc.
  • Find and get a little information about that. Honestly, I’d say card-stock paper is the best one you can get.


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