UPDATED! We’ve attach 5 more FREE Printable Minion Birthday Invitation Templates where you can download it for free!

Everybody likes banana! So does Minion! Banana..Banana…Banana…
Now it’s time for you to celebrate your kid’s birthday party with Minions! Minions is a cute character from Despicable Me movies. They’re become popular because they’re cute and innocent. Seems like 😀
Minion identical with Yellow, Blue and White color, so make sure you’re creating a perfect mixture of colors. Minion birthday invitation can be used for both boy or girl birthday party.

First of all, we can decide and choose the best image for your birthday background. You can search it through the internet or simply search minion background or minion wallpaper. High quality image will make your invitation clear and readable. Now, create a new image file on Photoshop. HD file size will help you create it much easier. Recommended size is 1280×720. Now, copy and paste your desired minion wallpaper on your new image file.

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Minion Birthday Party Invitations with Photos


Sparkling Green Minion Birthday Party Invitations


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As Our Reader Request, We Add more Minion Birthday Party Invitation Templates! More and More!

Paste and Voila! You get your own image, now it’s time to add some wording on it. Simply go to “Add Text” menu, Choose the best font you can use. You can download Minions font here : http://www.fontsplace.com/lasvegas-jackpot-free-font-download.html

You can download it for free to start wording your invitation!
Write down your kid’s name, time, date, location and RSVP number. Don’t forget to write that list. Here’s simple Minion wording invitation :

Mason is Turning 5!
You’re Invited to Join us for Some Despicable Fun!

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August, 28, 2016 at 6.pm
at Mason’s House
123 Fourth Avenue, FL 55555

RSVP Gru 123-456-7889

Now, place the wording in the best area. You can refer on images attached. When it’s done, save the image in your computer, next you only need to go to your nearest print shop and start printing your Minions birthday invitation. This method can save your money! a Lot! 🙂




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