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How to write Invitation Card in less than 5 Minutes


Today I won’t share about how to write invitation card for your occasion, but how to get ideas to write on your birthday or another occasion invitation card. Make sure that you can write clearly and make people excited about your upcoming party. You can ordered birthday invitation from a professional, custom made, or simply you can buy on Etsy for cheap invitation card. Most important of all, you should know all the details of the party. You are clear about the party, about the theme and you can explain clearly if anything is needed from the attendees.

Write down the party details first! This is the most important things! The basics thing but the most important are time, date , the place, whom the party is for and how old the birthday person will be. Don’t forget about RSVPs. If you know this well, then you’re ready for the next step. Be clear, if you want the parents are allowed to come, write down “parents are welcome to attend”.
Meeska Mooska Invitation Card writing tutorial

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MIckey Mouse Invitation Card Wording

How to Write Mickey Mouse Invitation Card

When you ready with the details , now let’s talk about the theme. Using common words or quote from your theme is a good option to make a good invitation, such as, if you’re making Mickey Mouse birthday theme, then the wordings should be “Meeska Mooska, Alan is Turning 3!”, if you’re making Dinosaurs theme birthday invitation then you can use “Roarr”, “Arrr..” etc. Superhero theme, you can use words like “Kapow!”, “Bam!” and “pow!”. Be creative and straightforward.

formal wedding invitation card wording

Formal Dinner Invitation


Formal How to write Invitation Card

Dance Party Formal Invitation Card

How to write Invitation Card Formal

Be Clear! Yes, write down anything you want for the attendees, you can write it down. If the party is pool party, you should write down, that they should bring their swimsuits. Be exact! 🙂
This will make your invitation easy to understand.
Last is the tone of your birthday party. Tone of your wordings. If your party is going to be formal, then you should use formal sentences like “The honor of your presence is requested”. If the party is going to be fun, informal, you can write ,”You gotta be here!”. You can also include some jokes and “stupid” words! 😀

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That’s all. Hope you like it 🙂




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