hi guys welcome to another tutorial today I thought. I will jump on the Unicorn bandwagon that is very popular at the moment and design an easy DIY unicorn invitation. firstly I printed out all pages from our unicorn template which is available in Amazon and also our website.

the first cardstock is a gatefold using the guys are score each side, if you don’t have scoreboard the back of a butter knife and a ruler on soft surface will do the same thing, I then cut slightly inside the line so that you would not be able to see any visible printed areas for both the sides over score over the edge and you’re done.

I  printed the next page on glitter paper which can be purchased in our website. our glitter paper does not shed and can be printed on please make sure that your void of paper can be put through your printer before doing this alternatively you can make a mask by printing on cardstock cutting that out and then trace and cut the glitter paper instead of printing a digital glitter paper image.

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I use a paper that has real glitter particles for extra luxury and sparkle the unicorn head is a bit tricky to cut out but if you make sure that you have small scissors it would make the tusks much easier I’m using cutter B scissors by ek success which is great for detail cuttings.






I’ve printed the next page on right smack cardstocks when cutting out the background follow the crop marks which are the eight black lives in the corners using a trimmer is the easiest and make sure you start from the top of the mark and not cut all the way off the page, if you don’t have a trimmer you could use a blade knife and ruler just be very careful that you don’t cut your fingers when cutting out the main invitation make sure you leave a little bit of white showing after the pink frames  glue the invitation to a little paper  then glue the glitter paper to the background.  next stick the background to the gatefold

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I added the multi rhinestones to some areas for a nice effect

I use 38 millimeter satin ribbon in pink for this invitation and tied a nice bow.

I’ve cut the ends with material scissors and not the busy bee because they don’t cut through material.

I went over the ends with the lighter so that the edges of the ribbon were sealed and would not fray lastly I glue them stuff on the unicorn head in the middle of the bone and voila a magical unicorn invitation that is easy to make yourself don’t forget the template is available for purchase by the links in the description or click on the I in the top right hand corner of this article as always thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you again in the next article. Thank you


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