hi guys and welcome back to Drevio.  today I will share Mickey Mouse kids birthday ideas on a budget.

now as a mom of four I’ve had a lot of opportunities to throw birthday parties and I do like to save money on parties, but I also don’t want to compromise on making it special!

so today I’m sharing six ways that I do just that save money but still make it special. stay tuned and I will share it all with you now. For your information,  I bought a lot of Mickey themed birthday supplies because my baby Griffin just turned 1, I can’t believe you guys we had such a fun birthday party with him! The whole family was able to come, it was a great time but having an awesome birthday party doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money!

so I’m going to share with you six ways that I saved money on this birthday party.

#1 Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitations

The first thing that I save money on are the invitation. I used to spend a lot of time and money making a custom invitation, having it printed out and actually mailing it to the guests house but I don’t do that anymore!

nowadays I create a super cute custom invitation online and I will just email it or send it through Facebook now, this works for me because everybody that I normally send an invitation too, I’m also friends with on Facebook, so it’s really easy to just create an event on Facebook and send it to them, that way, they can RSVP, you can keep track of who is coming, who’s not coming,it is really easy to do it.

I highly recommend it. Now to make the actual digital invitation, what I like to do is start by taking a cue photo of my child. Usually I’ll have them dress up in whatever theme party they’re having and then I use an online photo editing program such as canva calm or picmonkey.com to create the invitation.

You can get FREE Mickey Mouse birthday Invitation template here at Drevio.com or Bagvania.

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You can watch tutorial below :

now if you haven’t used these websites before, don’t worry you can find plenty of tutorials on YouTube on how to use them, also many of them have a free trial period so you can try it out make your card for free. It won’t cost you anything. Now just as a side note, I’m not affiliated with PicMonkey or Drevio,at all, but I do use them every time I make a custom thumbnail for my youtube website so I definitely recommend checking out PicMonkey.

Send them Virtually Can save your money! Much!

Now occasionally, there might be someone that I would like to invite that doesn’t have Facebook but they still have email or I can text them the invitation as well, still a cute way to get the invitation to them but it’s not going to cost you a stamp!

Use Pinterest to Get Ideas!

Anytime that I am planning a birthday party the first place that I go, is Pinterest just to look up ideas on decor and things like that! It’s really easy to see all of these ideas and want to do all of the ideas but that is going to break the budget, so what I like to do is, go onto Pinterest and just pick one or two cute craft ideas or decor ideas that you can make for your party and just make those.

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#2 Mickey Mouse Wreath – DIYs

Now when it comes to party décor, one of the things I love to do is have something on my front door sort of welcoming my guests to my house, what I decided to do is make the super cute paper straw Mickey Mouse wreath. It was super easy and pretty cheap to make. Let me show you, how I made it all .I picked up at Hobby Lobby, the most expensive item was the reform which was actually only $2.99 and I was able to use the 40% off coupon, next I just needed one sheet of paper and three packs of straws whatever color matches your party. With my paper I trace the wreath and then cut out the circle, I glued it to the front of the wreath form that way , in case there’s any gaps between the straws.  the wreath form won’t show, now for the straws you can keep them whole or you can cut them to any length you prefer.

Next with my hot glue gun, I just glued the straws all the way around the wreath. Super quick and easy. Next, I took some paper plates to create a Mickey or Minnie head to embellish my wreath and I tied it up with a ribbon from the Dollar Tree.

This  wreath was so easy and it came out really cute and, since we’re big Mickey Mouse fans at my house, we can use this to court over and over again around the house.


#3 Simple Menus : Mickey Mouse Hot Dogs and Hamburgers

Tip number three is, to keep your party menu simple yet customizable. Two of my favorite go-to party menus include either a nacho bar or a hot dog and hamburger bar, so if I’m doing a nacho bar I’ll have my chips and my cheese and I’ll have all different kinds of toppings, so that the guests can customize it however they want.

Now for this we did hot dogs and hamburgers I picked up everything I needed at Costco. It was super easy and affordable but then I had so many condiments, I had lettuce and pickles tomatoes, mustards, mayonnaises, barbecue sauce, all of that stuff!

For the hotdogs to make those special, I made a special sauce, this sauce is called the J-Dawgs sauce so if you’re from Utah, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about. they have a very popular restaurant chain called J-Dawgs and that’s pretty much all! they sell really good gourmet hot dogs with a special sauce but I have their recipe to this special sauce .You can get the sauce recipe on Cookpad!

This sauce is always a big hit at my parties and I have to say, it’s kind of, like a cross between a sweet and sour sauce and a barbecue sauce and it definitely helps dress up just a regular old hot dog .

#4 Check Dollar Tree first!

tip number 4 is to check the Dollar Tree first for party decor items! You can find Mickey Mouse and princesses and they often have a rainbow of colors of party wares to choose from. I was able to find so many cute Mickey Mouse themed party supplies at the Dollar Tree and they would have cost a lot more at Walmart. One of my favorite items to buy from a Dollar Tree are their balloons, I would much rather buy a balloon for one dollar versus three dollars at the party store!

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#5 Save Money on the Presents!

tip number five is to save money on the presents! now my kids are young and so they quickly broke their toys! so I really don’t like to pay full price for them if I can avoid it. One of the things that I like to do is to check my local consignment store first. Now the consignment store is definitely different than the thrift store. When I go to the thrift store I often find broken toys really used, rundown toys, things like that, and that would not do very well for the birthday party but the consignment store has almost new or gently used toys at a significant savings. For Griffin’s birthday party, I bought him really cool wooden activity box and it was only twenty dollars. They are selling the same a thing the same exact thing at Target for sixty dollars and you know, , he has no idea that he got a used toy first birthday and Mama saved a lot of money!! ?

#6 No Goodie Bag, but still Special

The sixth way, that I saved money on kids birthday parties is not give out a goodie bag. Now, I know, kids love goodie bags and I used to give them out all the time ,you know, the traditional little baggie with all the little plastic toys and candy. I used to give them out because the kids like them but I found that the toys were really cheap, they would break like immediately and they’re choking hazards for little kids.

So instead of doing goodie bags, here’s what I do, I’ll take one of the treats that I’m serving at the party and I’ll make extra. That way, we have extra treats to send home with the guests. So, they’re still getting something special for this party. I made Mickey Mouse rice krispie treats and these are just like the ones that you would find at Disneyland.




These Rice Krispies are great because you can actually make them a day in advance! I start by making two batches of my favorite rice krispies treats and you can get it on Cookpad if you want to check out this  special recipe because it’s really good and then I just take my Mickey shaped cookie cutter I found this at Disneyland but you can actually find it on the DisneyStore.com.

After I got all of my rice krispies treats, cut out,  then melted some semi-sweet chocolate chips in a double boiler. I did half of my rice krispies treats in the chocolate. Some of these got dipped in many M&Ms, while others got dipped in Reese’s peanut butter chips and some I left plain.

These were a huge hit at the party! YUM!!! and they were definitely plenty for our guests to take home with them. Okay friends there are my six tips for a budget-friendly kids birthday party. Let me know in the comments down below if you have any budget-friendly birthday ideas.


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