There various monster that can be used for your monster baby shower invitations. Some famous monster characters are Mike and Sully form the cartoon Monster. Inch. Mike is very related to green color while Sully is very related to light blue with purple dots. You can put this color scheme on the background. As for the pattern, you can choose anything you like. The font of the design can also use the same color as the background. Just don’t forget to use a simple white text box so that the text will be easily read.

After you decide the theme of the baby shower party, then you can start to create the monster baby shower invitations. You can start making your own invitation card by browsing interesting pictures about the two characters online. Once you find the right picture, then you can choose which file format that suite with your likings, either PDF or JPG.

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Both file format can be printed but the PDF allows you to edit the file first so you can add place and time of events while the JPG format can’t so you should write every detail manually with your pen or marker. You can also use Photoshop to enhance the details of the design if you have the skill. Make sure that you know the types of people you invite and suit the design based on that.






The important element in your monster baby shower invitations is the material of the card. Glossy and photo paper are the most common material for an invitation. The two materials are durable and can be used to print any type of design. Fit the size of your design with the size of your paper so the result of the print won’t be flawed. Print the invitation to a color printer. If you don’t have any or too lazy to do everything by yourself, you can try to take a birthday event package on

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