Mickey Mouse is a very famous character that you can use as a design on your invitation card. This character is perfect if you are waiting for either a baby girl or boy. Make sure that your Mickey Mouse baby shower invitations are designed well. Using the baby version of the character is a good choice to resemble your baby. You can also add a polka dot pattern as the background with white, blue, and yellow color. As for the textbox, you can go simple with white and play with the color of the font. Make sure that the writings are readable with a proper color choice between the textbox and the font.

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If you decide to print out the Mickey Mouse baby shower invitations by yourself, then you should know the number of people that will be invited. This is necessary to avoid ink wasting. Once you know how many invitations you will print, then it is time to search for the perfect image. The choice of the invitation font should go well with the design. Design the invitation card to suit with who you will invite on the baby shower party.






You can try to edit the design with Photoshop, ensuring you to have great details in both font and graphics on your invitation card. Make sure you put the place and time of the event.

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You have the number and the design, then it is time to print the Mickey Mouse baby shower invitations. One of the common invitation paper is a photo paper so you can use it. The paper is cheap and durable, perfect for an invitation card. If you decided to contact an event organizer, then they will prepare everything for you. Aside from the invitation, they can also offer you with additional party decorations, table, etc. depending on the agreed deal.


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