If you are going to have a baby or babies (if you expected twins of course), you must be familiar with a onesie, right? Onesie is a kind of T-Shirt but it is used for babies or infants. This cutie little T-Shirt is often used as gifts for expecting mother. If you are going to hold a baby shower party and you have the cutie concept for your theme, thisonesie baby shower invitations template suits your theme perfectly. A matching combination of both decorations and invitation cards will make your baby shower party merrier and aesthetic.

Printing onesie baby shower invitations by your own is a good choice if you want to save some money for the decorations. To download the template, all you have to do is having internet access because the template is free! Before downloading it, make sure you choose the high-quality one for the maximum result of your printed invitation cards. Finishing the download, you now can edit the template the way you want.

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You may add your own concept in the template. For the best result, I suggest you use Trufla Words as your font. The font suits your concept and design perfectly.

Make sure you have bought the proper cardstock material for your onesie baby shower invitations. Using cotton cardstock is a good idea because the material gives the elegant touch for your invitation. Do not forget to cut the cardstock in the size of 5”x7”; the usual size for invitation cards.

Done with these things? Let’s start printing! No need to use a high-end printer, the usual one works perfectly as long as your ink is not depleted in the middle of printing. Doing these things by yourself is surely save your money, but you have to spend more time do those things.

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