This pink and gold baby shower invitation available in this article can be used as a template for you. By using the design, your invitation would look more beautiful interesting. But before deciding to download the template, there are several things that you should know. Oh, by the way, the template is free for personal use. Commercial use is not available.

Why it is a good template

So, what is the reason why the template is good enough to be used by you? Well, the main reason, of course, that the design looks wonderful, feminine, and glamorous at the same time. The design which puts a couple of pink flowers around the top side of the paper, a cute unicorn face at the middle, as well as a white color as the background, would surely succeed in making you fallen in love to it.

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Downloading the template

It is not too difficult to download the template. All you have to do is visiting a website. You can visit it by clicking this link.






Editing and wording to use

To edit the pink and gold baby shower invitation and put information (the address and the time of the party), you just need to use the website before downloading, although you can use either Photoshop or CorelDraw for advanced editing. For wording, you can use any words referring to a baby girl and also the words that have a magical sense.

How to print

It is quite a simple thing, really, to print the template. Just prepare a computer, a color printer, and some cardstock papers. The paper is the best kind you can use to pint the 1080p invitation. Make sure the paper is 4” x 6” in terms of size.

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Suitable people

The template is best suited for baby girls. The design simply is more suitable for girls since it uses calm and feminine colors. Well, go and download the pink and gold baby shower invitation!


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