Minions are always such a wonderful theme for the invitations! Here are free printable purple minion invitations which are very good for your birthday party. Meanwhile, our newest collections are available in purple colors.

The center of the invitations is always blank. Thus, you need to write down several words here:

“Assemble the Minions. It’s time to celebrate ….. Birthday”

“Calling all minions! (Name) is turning 51”

These Minions free printable invitations are available in 7 versions. What make is difference is just the character which is laid on the bottom of the pages. Each version has a different character and difference pose.

Download FREE Purple Minion Invitation Templates below



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Not only can you offer it to your colleagues, but you can also offer it to the teacher. Comes in 5x 7″ inches, our collections will be better if you can utilize and remake them to the maximum! It would be good to transform it into the PDF variant instead of holding it in the picture type. Sometimes the picture part would be broken when it comes to printing. When the pictures transforms into a PDF type, the size of the PDF cannot be downgrade. The size would be same with the original size.

Choose the paper that doesn’t have too much fabric. It would also be good to use the smoothest one. Start with your linen. Well, you can also use the marble paper. The marble structure would not let the fingerprint available on t

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You can access the Free Purple Birthday Invitations before doing it by yourself by just pressing on the right and selecting save to save the sheets. Ensure that the devices are in the ordinary situation so that the manufacturing is at its finest.

You can choose to use any paper you need for producing. However, you can choose to use the matte paper which is has the restricted features of fingerprint. That will make the invitations clean all the time.


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