Download our free Jungle Book Invitation Templates below . Our kid grows up. This month, Little Lucky turns one. What’s better than the birthday celebration? He tries to stay by himself. How pleased we are. We plan to honor with you all his birthday. Our happiness we want to communicate. Little Lucky naturally wishes everyone the happiness. A lot of glad comes back to us. Lucky loves to play with animals. We have an idea to celebrate his birthday party with Free The Jungle Book Birthday Invitations.

The Free The Jungle Book Birthday Invitations has various different layout that can be choose. All the characters on the invitation is about the jungle and his bear. However, the pose of the invitations are different.








As you can see you can write down several details on the invitations. Well, before, lets add several words below:

“Swing on over and join the fun our little monkey is turning one! Join us to celebrate (name)’s 1st birthday!”

“Friends of the jungle have gathered to say. It’s time to celebrate (name)’s birthday”

What phrases are above? Well, the words that have been written above is about the opening phrases while inviting someone to the birthday party. You need to use it for making your calls more polite.

What document is the finest invitation to be used? The best material is cardstock paper. You can readily get it from Amazon or your closest grocery store. There’s also a print shop! Cardstock paper adds a genuine impression on the invitations. You’re prepared to go now!

You can obtain and edit it with Photoshop or other software like Corel or Gimp. Additional words like title, moment, deadline and place can be edited straight. Just click on the image and save to get the template. Save on your desktop or other easy-to-find place.

Go to and download several invitations from our collection! We welcome you with a warm hug!


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