Let’s have a fantastic party celebration. Tell your kids to bring their pen and magazines back and enjoy the event. I will offer you a notion of how to create the hedgehog’s birthday event stands out if you’ve got a child.

The following are the great theme for invitations, we have free sonic the hedgehog as a themed invitations with synchronized furnishings, colorful glitter, and blank space for writing the details. Using our birthday invitations, the guests will appreciate your commitment to precision, and you will enjoy the value of your birthday party.

You can now also start to design it. Do not miss the date, time and location to be included. Please also provide your personal communication with your guests. Thus, you can add your personal number into your details.

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You can also add several words below such as:

“Crash on over1 Don’t be late! It’s time for us to celebrate (name)’s 5th birthday!”

“Speed on over for a supersonic birthday party! (name) is turning 6!”

How to download this model?

Just click on the pictures and save the image. Don’t be afraid, this invitation comes in a high-quality image. Then, Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop would be the editable tools used for the invitations. The Graphical software like Photoshop or CorelDraw will be much easier to run. If you cannot edit it, there are many freelancers who would do it for you.

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In 5x 7″ inches, the invitation is given with the center space available in a blank spot where you can add some text and pictures there. Linen is still the best choice, of course. Well, another paper types can also be used. Our suggestion is linen because it produces the photos with the excellent details. Do not forget that the images are produced in the portrayed mode so the text would be in a portrayed position too.

You can arrange the ink and document, and then stay with your child on his birthday celebration and brainstorm. On their birthday, ask your child what they want. You have ornaments, souvenirs and matches to their plan.


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