Planning birthday party is both fun and stressful. There are many elements of a good party to take into consideration, and the responsibility of the party being a blast falls on you. There are some steps to take in order to plan a fantastic birthday party that will have everybody involved and having fun.

You need to consider: 1) when and where to have the birthday party; 2) planning out the party details; 3) getting ready for the party. Birthday invitation is also important part in the birthday planning. After making the guest list, you can prepare the invitation.

Do you like Flamingo, a beautiful bird? We have a design of pink flamingo, decorated with polka dot, aesthetic leaves, and a white blank space for writing the information. It gives you a space to put your photograph there. It’s amazing. We have six patterns in different look.

We’ll give you benefits only by downloading the templates. First, you don’t need to pay anything because it’s free. Second, you can edit and print the templates easily. So, grab them fast!

First, click download image. The templates are automatically saved in your PC. Second, open a worksheet. You can open it in Photoshop Editor. Then edit the size. The standard measurement is 5”x7”.

Third, write the wordings and the detailed information consisting of the day, date, time, and location of the party. Mention the contact person to confirm the visitor’s attendance.

Fourth, print the template. Use cardstock paper for the best quality. You can buy it at







For the wordings, you can browse on Google and find your perfect wordings or you’ll write your own version. The important part of the invitation is the detailed information. If you don’t write in detail, the guests won’t understand the purpose of the invitation.


Well, I hope you enjoy the new experience in downloading our templates. Visit us every day and we’ll give new templates and birthday party ideas. So long!


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