Are you planning a birthday party for your daughter? The party should make her very happy because she can celebrate it with friends. It should be amazing. We give you an idea: Princess Costumes. It’s a party for girls. You can decorate the room like a princess party in a castle, with a huge birthday cake, delicious food and drinks, and prepare the party invitation. has free printable Beautiful Princess invitation templates. The backgrounds are pink with the image of princesses in those templates. The designs look cute.

By downloading the templates, we guarantee you that you’ll save your money rather than paying the costs of the templates. You’re also free to edit and print the templates. Do the simple actions!

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Click Download Image. The template will be automatically saved to your PC. If you can’t find the button Download Image, click – right click – Save Image As and save the image into your PC.









If you have Adobe Photoshop CS 6 in your computer, open a worksheet, then drop the image that you want to use in the invitation. Manage the size as you need, and change the template in portrait or landscape layouts. To write your wordings and detail information, select Horizontal Type Tools. Write them in the blank space. When the design is ready, save and print it out. For the paper, we suggest cardstock paper that you can buy at

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There are many ideas to write the wordings, but some people find difficulties to get the idea. We’ll give you these ideas: “Join us in Princess Costume party” or “Celebrate my birthday in Princess gathering.” Then, write the detailed information consisting of the day, date, time, venue, and also RSVP. Why the detailed information is needed? Of course, the guests need to know about when, where, and maybe they should prepare the dress code.


Well, if you think that these are useful for you, we allow you to download many templates and enjoy to print them many times you want. Have a great party!


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