Hi, welcome back! Are you looking for birthday party invitation? You’re in the right place. We have lots of birthday party templates and you can download them easily. We’ll give you many birthday party ideas through the templates.

Well, we have birthday invitation patterns for kids, teenagers, and adults. Open our gallery and find your favorite templates. Today, we show you free printable Blue Prince invitation template. It’s proper to kids in their 1 up to 6 years. The design is simple and elegant, with dark blue background and gold crown. You can put the picture of your son/daughter and write the detailed information in the white blank area.

It’s not complicated to get the amazing templates. You’ve just needed simple steps to download, edit, and finally print them easily. Guaranteed! So, take a look of this instruction!

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Click Download Image. The template will be automatically saved to your PC. If you cannot find the button Download Image, click – right click – Save Image As and save the image into your PC.








If you have Adobe Photoshop CS 6, open a worksheet, then drop the image that you want to use in the invitation. Manage the size as you need. To write your wordings and detail information in the blank space, select Horizontal Type Tools. Write them in the blank space. When the design is ready, print it out. For the paper, we suggest cardstock paper that you can buy at Amazon.com.

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Some people don’t understand how to write wordings. Make simple wordings and the important part is the information. Don’t forget to mention when and where the party will be held. You can write:


The time to cheer is when friends are near

You are cordially invited to attend Jeremy’s birthday party

To lift a toast, join us for the celebrations.


We hope you’re satisfied with our free printable templates here. We have new templates every day, so visit our website again and again. Don’t forget to tell your friends about us!


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