Hi, we’re back with new birthday party idea. Does your son like everything about army, like army suits, toys, movies? Why don’t you arrange an army-themed party for him? Decorate the room and knick knack of the party with army decoration. I’m sure that he’ll be amazed about the party. Ask his friends to wear army dress code… It will be an unforgettable moment for him.

We have five designs of free printable Camo Army Kids Party Invitation. The designs are simple with army shades. We designed them in different borders, so you can choose which one is your favorite. You’ll find a wide blank space in each template. It’s an area for you to write the wordings and detail information about the party.

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We offer you a benefit from downloading the templates we have. What’s that? By downloading the free printable invitation templates you’ll save your money. You don’t need to pay for the designs you take. Feel free to download the designs you like. You’ve just needed simple steps to get the templates. Do these instructions below!

First, download the images you love and save them into your folder.










Open a worksheet of Photoshop Editor and import the images on it. Fill the blank area with your wordings and detail information about the party. The next step is preparing the printer and papers. We recommend you cardstock paper for the best printing quality. You can buy the paper at the nearest store or at Amazon.com.

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If you’re confusing about the wordings, we give you some examples: “Light up my party! I’m celebrating my 6th birthday” or “Let’s have fun in Army-themed party. Wear your army suits, guys!” Then, continue the wordings with the detail information of the day, date, time, location, and the contact person to confirm the guests’ attendance.


Well, I hope your party will be an unforgettable party ever. Feel free to download our Free Printable Camo Army Kids Party Invitation Template!


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