Are you going to hold a party in Oriental theme? The oriental birthday theme will be a unique one. Asian food, beverage, snacks, and other party supplies look classy if you hold a dinner birthday party in a restaurant.

To support the idea of oriental birthday party, we offer you Free Printable Holiday Birthday Invitation Templates. The designs are classy with oriental decorations. They are suitable with your birthday theme. We designed the invitation in yellow, red, and blue backgrounds.

You can get one or more templates of Holiday Birthday Invitation for free. Really? Yeah… These templates are free and also easily printable. You have to do some simple steps to get your favorite templates. Here are the steps: First, download the templates you like and save them into your folder.












Second, open a worksheet of Coreldraw or Photoshop Editor and import the images from the folder. Third, since the size of the template is 7×5 inches, you might re-size it as the measurement you need. Fourth, write the information in blank spaces provided in the invitation templates. Fifth, prepare a printer and papers. Don’t forget to check the inkjet before printing. We also recommend you a kind of paper, called cardstock paper. You can buy it at or the nearest stationary store around you. Sixth, print the templates many times you need.

Wordings are important for your invitation. You can write them in ordinary style or extraordinary one. If you get difficulties in making wordings, let me give you examples: “Come to my Oriental Dinner Birthday Party” or “I’m turning 23. Light up my birthday party”

Then, write the detail information about the party, such as day, date, time, and the location where the party will be held. You can mention RSVP, so that your guests can confirm their attendance.


Well, I hope you’ll have an unforgettable moment. Feel free to get the free printable holiday birthday invitation templates.


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