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Free Printable Baptism Boy Photo Invitation Templates


Do you have a plan to celebrate your son’s birthday? Is his favorite color black and white? We’ll try to give you an idea of black and white-themed birthday party. You can organize everything in black and white, such as birthday tart cake, balloons, hat, souvenirs, or party supplies. You can decorate the room in black and white, too.

Hey… we have a black and white design for birthday invitation. We named it Free Printable Baptism Boy Photo Invitation Template. The templates are simple frames in black and white, but it looks elegant. You can put your son’s photo on the birthday invitation, too. Wait a minute! Did I say “free printable”? What does it mean? Yeah… You can get all templates here for free and they are all printable. Guaranteed!

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Are you curious with what I’ve just said? Yeah… You can download many templates of birthday invitation for free, not paying anything at all. You’re also able to print the templates you like many times you want. But it’s for personal purpose only, not for commercial one. You need few steps for getting the templates.

Click Download Image then save them into your folder in PC.
















Open a worksheet of Photoshop Editor and import the images.  Edit the size if it’s needed, and fill the blank space with the detail information about your party. Arrange a printer and papers. Don’t forget to check the inkjet because the quality of ink will influence the printing result. We also recommend you cardstock paper for the best printing quality. You can buy it at Amazon.com.

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What’s about wording in the invitation? We give you these examples of wordings: “Black and white birthday party! Wear your best suits, guys!” or “I’m turning 6. Let’s have fun in black and white birthday party!” Then, inform the day and date, time, and the location of the party.


Well, find your favorite templates here and feel free to download Free Printable Baptism Boy Photo Invitation Templates.



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