Do you want to hold a special party for your lovely daughter? If so, you can present ice cream birthday party for her. On her special birthday, this event will be a nice gift for her. Then, several days before the event, you can share an ice cream invitation to everyone you want to invite. With the ice cream theme, your guests will be so interested in seeing the invitation. The picture of an ice cream will look so tasty and yummy to eat. So, your close friends and relatives who receive the invitation will tend to come to the party after receiving this exciting invitation.

To provide this kind of invitation is easy. You can just download the picture in this site, customize it if needed, then print it. Before printing, it will be better if you customize it so that the ice cream invitation will be as good as what you want. While customizing it, make sure you set the right order and size. Well, this invitation will be good to print in landscape order. The recommended size is 5×7. With those orders and sizes, this invitation will be appropriately nice and attractive.

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When you customize it, you can also add photos and wordings to increase attractiveness. For the photo, you can attach your best daughter’s photo. Besides the photo, you can add common simple wording like “you are invited, please join us”, and some other wordings.

When everything to customize is done, you can then print it out. Like other printing activities, you can connect your computer to a certain printer to print this invitation. Besides, provide the cardstock paper to make the printed result better and sharper. When the printer and paper are ready, find the print menu and tap on it. Last, you can wait for the printing process to finish. When it is done, be ready to have a cute and funny invitation with an ice cream theme.

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