Welcome to the lavender rose wedding invitation! Are you a couple that wants to hold a wedding invitation? If it is so, please follow this useful information well. Yea, this kind of lavender wedding invitation templates will provide a wedding invitation card that uses flower theme. If you are one of the lavender rose lovers, it will be suitable for you. Then, do you know the design of this wedding invitation card? It is of course that it is embellished with some lavender rose flowers. It looks so beautiful because the color of the flower is purple.

To make this wedding invitation card, you need to set the size of the paper. It should be in 5×7 inches for the size. For the position of the card, there will be available for you two types which are a portrait or landscape one. To determine the position, you must consider the needs. Then, when you want to print it, you can prepare the printer first. After that, you should connect the printer cable to your computer and don’t forget to turn it on!

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What about the wording that you can use to create this wedding invitation card? There is available for you the sample that looks so simple but it is clear to understand. What is it? Yea, it is “Together with their families. Cordially invite you to their wedding invitation”. In this case, you may vary it creatively.

Furthermore, to get the better result of printing this lavender rose wedding invitation, you must pay attention to the paper. It means that you need to determine the paper with good quality. So, it is very suggested for you to use a cardstock paper. This kind of paper is well known as a paper with good quality to print. It is because of the thickness and the softness of the paper. It is great, right?

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