A little prince black and gold invitation will give a glamorous look with its color and design. You can use this invitation to invite your relatives, friends, and even a big family. All of them must be amazed by the invitation theme. With the combination of black and gold, this invitation will present a beautifully amazing look to everyone who sees it. Then, this invitation has been set in the proper size. Yes, it is 5×7. With this size, the invitation will not look too big or too small. It will show the standardized form. With that size, you can turn it portrait while customizing it. It is the recommended order to make the invitation look good from any side.

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When you have downloaded this invitation, you can customize it and print it out. You can customize the little prince black and gold invitation with the app of your computer or do it online. Go to https://canvas.drevio.com/start/ and make everything nice to see. Moreover, in the process of customizing, you can add a few good wording to give additional attractiveness to the invitation.






You can use simple wordings so that it will be easy to read by the invitee. The simple and inviting wordings you can use are such as “please join our party, you are invited, we proudly invite you”. Just put one of those simple wordings in the little space of the invitation.

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After setting the size and order and giving additional wordings, it means that you have finished customizing. Then, you can print it out. Remember, you need to choose the best paper for your invitation. In this matter, cardstock paper is strongly recommended for you. It will make the invitation looks smooth, clean, glossy, and even sharp. Just prepare the paper and put it into the printer. When everything is ready to print, just click the “print” button on your computer. Wait for a second and the invitation will be ready to use.


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