Hello great parents! Are you looking for a baby shower idea for your girl? If it is true, this great information can be your source to make baby shower invitations. However, before recognizing it more, what do you know about a gold confetti baby shower invitation? You have to know that this kind of invitation card is used for having a baby shower. It is especially for a girl baby. Why is it like that? Do you know the reason? Yea, it is because of the decoration of the flowers on that card.

The design of this invitation card is so amazing to see. It uses white for the base color and it is decorated with so many colorful flowers on the edge of the card. For the writing, it uses the gold color that makes this card look so elegant. Then, if you want to make it simple, you should use the size that is 5×7 inches. For the form, there are two options that you may use which are portrait or landscape. In this case, you are allowed to choose one of the forms based on your desire.






Then, if you still confused with the wording, you may follow this sample. It is “A sweet baby girl is coming. Please join us for a baby shower honoring”. After writing it, what should you do then? You are allowed to print this invitation card by using a printer. Please prepare the printer and turn it on. Don’t forget to connect it to the computer and then click the icon of print!

Moreover, concerning the kind of paper, what is suitable for this invitation card? It is very suggested for you to use a cardstock paper. Can you imagine what does it look like? It is thick enough and smooth. It will make the gold confetti baby shower invitation nicer to see.



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