Boy and Girl Birthday Invitations


Hi Everyone, Please come and join us at Elliot and Dani 12 years old birthday party.

Elliot and Dani are twins. Elliot is born 15 minutes earlier than Dani. He likes to spending the time with his twin sister, Dani.

knight and princess boy and girl birthday invitations

They both are matching each other in everything, as the twins they like doing crazy things together and protecting each other as brother and sister.

They like to doing crazy stuff and challenging things. They are also famous as the unique twins in the school.

superhero boy and girl birthday invitations

The birthday party theme is costume party. Everyone can wear their favorite costume, the same as Halloween party.

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You can wear the creepy costume, funny costume, quirky costume, cute costume or stunning costume.

spiderman and princess boy and girl birthday invitations

That will have an awarded for the guest who wearing the best costume, the funniest costume, the most quirky costume and the most stunning costume.

The party also will be so much fun with some decorations which mixed it into Elliot and Dani favorite costume character.

pirates boy and girl birthday invitations

Elliot is a big fan of Pirates, he will dressed as in his best Pirates looks and Dani is a big fan of fairy, she will dressed as cute Tinkerbell outfit.

Everyone who wear the same costume will get some games like “who wore better”. The winner will get some amazing prizes.

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brother and sister boy and girl birthday invitations

The birthday party also will have playing both their favorite music genres which is in alternative rock and they will perform duet at the party.

Everyone is free to sing or dance at the party and also that will be served meals and some beverages for the guest while enjoy the party.

The birthday party is in: Wednesday, 22 June 2016, in 18:00-21:00, at 4958 Shobe Lane, Dillon, CO 80435.


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