3 Years Old Birthday Invitations Wording


Hi Everyone, Please come and join us at my youngest son, Roderick 3 years old birthday party.

Roderick is turning 3 years old in the next 16 days and I can’t believe it. Seems like yesterday he is turning one and now he is almost 3!

rocket 3 years old birthday invitations wording

I am so happy to see my boy growing up and always with him seeing every step of his life.

I am not always being in home but it is very nice that I still can be with him every day and seeing his first step, his first word and see him doing some funny stuff.

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girl 3 years old birthday invitations wording

He is definitely adorable little boy and I am so excited to celebrate his 3 years old birthday party. He is the youngest kid of the 3 children.

He likes to play drum the same as his brother. His brother is the drummer of his band and sometimes he is teaching Roderick to play drum by some stuff.

colorful 3 years old birthday invitations wording

They use some plastic bucket, plastic trays and stick to play drum. Sometimes they also had mini performance at home when we were relaxing at night time after supper.

The party will be decorate in some music decorations in melody wallpaper and his pictures while he play drum and hold the guitar.

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pink 3 years old birthday invitations wording

The birthday party will have fun games, such as: Bubble Pop, Fishing for Prizes and his favorite game is Musical March.

The party also will served home cook food and it also will have some food finger and ice cream in some flavor.

cupcakes 3 years old birthday invitations wording

The party will be so much fun by Roderick performance and his brother play some songs.

The birthday party is in: Thursday, 29 September 2016, in 17:00-19:00, at 132 Chardonnay Drive, Ocala, FL 34471.


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